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Docks, Seawalls, Boat Lifts & Aquatic Weed Harvesting

Triple Crown Marine, LLC is a Marine Construction Company focusing on Docks, Seawalls, Boat lifts and Aquatic Weed Harvesting. We also provide re-builds, rip-rap, floating docks, marine electrical and power, gazebos and boat houses. We now have a new Aquatic Weed Harvester barge and shore conveyor.  We can cut, remove and control hydrilla at your waterfront home, marina or business.  We can work by by hour or by the job.  Hydrilla not only is a risk to your boat and water related activities it also promotes mosquitoes by creating pools of stagnant water.  Our barge will remove both the hydrilla and the trash that gets snagged in the thick weeds.

We serve the tidal Potomac River in Virginia and Maryland. To learn more about Triple Crown Marine, LLC read the "About Us" section.

Visit "How We Are Different" to learn how our Construction Methods are different from our competitors. See samples of our work in the Photo Gallery.

Contact Us:

Alexandria, Virginia
Alexandria Office: 703-568-5797 
Mailing Address for Payment: 1934 Woodside Lane, Virginia Beach 23454