boat dock

How We Are Different - Construction Methods

We have the most powerful pile driver on the river.  We have a fully hydraulic 12x35 foot barge with 4 hydraulic spuds- This allows us to work under any conditions.... we are not afraid of waves.  Our hammer is capable of 20,000 pounds of striking force, more than twice the force of our next closest competitor.  This is important as dock pilings need to prove bearing, especially lift pilings.  Bearing is proved by friction, not by the piling reaching some "hard" level of sediment.  Friction is provided by surface area of the piling.  That is why we use Class B pilings driven upside down (fat end down).  This gives us 13-16 inches of diameter of piling driven into the sediment.  Most contractors use 10 inch pilings top side down (skinny end) so they have 4-7 inches of diameter going into the sediment.  Our pilings will stay down while ice heave and storm surge can lift other pilings up easily.  This is important when you look at the investment you will make in your dock.

We will build your dock with 3x10 stringers (double bolted) and 3x10 joists (double bolted).  We screw in all our deck boards as opposed to nailing which can lead to splintering and early rot.  We use pressure treated 2x6 deck boards, ipe, composites such as Evergrain or Procell which is a 100% vinyl product with lifetime warranty.  We build with deck boards suited to the individual client. 

We finish off our docks with high quality rope rail (3/4", 1", or 1 1/4"), pile caps, low voltage lighting and 110v electrical and water.  We use only the highest quality materials and components.  We are dealers for several high quality boat lift manufacturers including Storm Surge and Magnum.  We will handle everything directly for you, not requiring you to handle the boat lift installation or electrical requirements.

At Triple Crown Marine we take our docks seriously.  We promise the highest level of service and customer satisfaction.  We will gladly present you with a reference list of many happy clients and take you to show you our work.  Our competition can likely provide you with 1 happy customer, ask for 5 or 10 and see their response.

With our Aquatic Weed Harvester barge and shore conveyor, we can cut, remove and control hydrilla at your waterfront home, marina or business.  We can work by by hour or by the job.  Hydrilla not only is a risk to your boat and water related activities it also promotes mosquitoes by creating pools of stagnant water.  Our barge will remove both the hydrilla and the trash that gets snagged in the thick weeds.

We look forward to working with you and showing you how truly different your experience with marine construction can be.